Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle competition held at Körfez Racing Circuit on August 1-7, 2016

The challenge was kicked off on Monday 1st, August 2016. After the technical inspections, the final races for Electromobile and Hydromobile categories took place on August 6-7 with participation of Prof. Dr. A. Arif ERGİN, TÜBİTAK President and Prof. Dr. Erol ARCAKLIOĞLU, Vice-President.


A total of 34 teams in Electromobile category, and 5 teams in Hydromobile had participated in the final races. The winner of Electromobile category is MilAT 1453 from İstanbul University, and the winner of Hydromobil category is Alternative Energy Systems Society from Yıldız Technical University.



Performance Awards


Electromobile category standings:

 1st Place: MilAT 1453, İstanbul University

 2nd Place: Pehlivan Team, Trakya University

 3rd Place: Elektroaydın, İstanbul Aydın University


Hydromobile category standings:

1st Place: AESK, Yıldız Technical University

 2nd Place: Hidroana, Anadolu University

 3rd Place: Otomotiv Mühendisliği Hidromobil Takımı, Çukurova University



Domestic Product Award

The awards amounting between 8.000 TL and 10.000 TL were given to teams with superior domestic designs and products.


Electromobile category:

 1. Atay, Pamukkale University

2. Team Solaris, Dokuz Eylul University

3. ODTÜ-TEK, Middle East Technical University

4. KBÜELAR, Karabük University


Hydromobile category:

1. AESK, Yıldız Technical University

2. UMAKİT, Uludağ University



Design Award

In Electromobile category, Atakar from Ataturk University and Çukurova from Çukurova University have shared the award. Kocatepe from Afyon Kocatepe University got this award in Hydromobile category.



Jury Award

This award is shared between Diriliş from Ondokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi and Enerjist from Erciyes University.



Communication Award

In Electromobile category; Pehlivan Team from Trakya University, which had arranged Balkan tour reaching broad audiences across and outside the country; and KARGET from KTO Karatay University, carrying out promotion activities with primary and secondary education level students and the public, shared the Communication award.


No team met the award criteria in Hydromobile category.

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