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Efficiency Challenge Rules and Event Schedule (04.12.2017)

Rules and Penalty List Updated (17.05.2018)

Technical Inspection Forms Published (24.05.2018)

Announcement on Driver’s License (28.05.2018)

Organisation Handbook Published (30.07.2018)

Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle will be held on 6-12 August 2018 in Turkey.


TÜBİTAK is expanding the Challenge to include “Autonomous Category” to ongoing electric vehicle categories "Electromobile" and "Hydromobile". Teams who apply for Autonomous category will benefit from a separate financial support.


For Detailed information about Registration (Deadline: 10 January 2018), click here.

For Rules 2018, click here.

In Rules, the topic 10.3.3. Sensing System is updated as follows: “Sensors must be positioned within the surface defined by the outside edge of the four tires (shown as A in Figure 5-l) and front and rear ends of the vehicle (shown as L in Figure 5-l). Sensors may be mounted at most 30 cm above the height of the vehicle (shown as H in Figure 5-l).”


The penalty score of 150 Wh for “missing covers for front/rear access to other components” stated in Penalty List and the topic 8.2. Vehicle Body (Rules) will not be applied, if the shell design does not require to be lifted during technical inspections.


For more information and updates on Rules, please follow:

You can find the checklists to be used during the inspections described in the Rules “4.1. Vehicle Dynamic Testing and Technical Inspection” below.


For Electromobile checklist, click here.

For Hydromobile checklist, click here.

For Autonomous checklist, click here.


All teams shall enter technical inspections based on the checklists of their vehicles’ categories before and after the race. As an exception, Autonomous participants must  first complete the inspections of their vehicles’ categories (Electromobile or Hydromobile) successfully, then the Autonomous inspection before the race. However, the vehicles shall be inspected based on only the Autonomous checklist after the Autonomous race.

A TOSFED (Turkish Automobile Sports Federation) driver’s license is required for drivers (including reserve drivers) in order to be eligible to drive on the main track during the event week and attend the final race.


Teams from TURKEY can apply for the license on

International teams can apply for their licenses at the event area.


The fee for a TOSFED driver’s license for a single driver is 300,00 Turkish Liras (with a 18% VAT, if an invoice for the purchase demanded). This amount should be deposited to the below bank account in Turkish Lira with the note: “TÜBİTAK Yarışı Lisans Bedeli (TÜBİTAK License Fee)”. The bank receipt for the transaction should be e-mailed to with the name of team and the driver specified.




IBAN: TR39 0009 9006 3427 7700 1000 03


Drivers of the international teams are also to bring the following items with them to the registration desk on the registration date (August 6th) in order to complete the license application:


- A head shot (photograph)

- Personal driver’s license and an ID card

- Health certificate (just to show the general condition of the individual)

- Bank receipt



+90 212 351 50 45 / 125

Check out the organisation handbook for Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle which will be held on between 6-12th August 2018 in Kocaeli, Turkey.


Here, you can find important notes related to registration and technical inspections.

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