Event Schedule

Financial Support


Support of 10,000.00 TRY for Turkish teams and 15,000.00 TRY for international teams shall be given to those who apply and are accepted for participation in the competition.


Financial Support & Awards

The Circuit

Financial support of 25,000.00 TRY, in addition to the aforementioned support, shall be given to teams from Turkish universities that apply for the first time in the Electromobile category.  Turkish teams that did not apply for the competition in Hydromobile category in 2016 will be given 25.000 TRY in addition.

Responsibilities of the teams in relation to the spending of such funds shall be indicated in the Contract signed by the teams at the time of registration.

Teams that declare their withdrawal from the competition in writing before 30 June 2017 are required to return all of the support given to the relevant account of TÜBİTAK within 15 days. Teams that declare their withdrawal after 30 June 2017, do not complete their competition registry on 21 August 2017, or are disqualified by the jury due to technical incompliance or unfair play shall return all of the support given to the TÜBİTAK account together with the default interest.


  • Performance Awards

    For each category, teams will receive Performance Awards based on the challenge score, which is available on “Rules” Form, depending on the energy consumption and the number of laps completed. The prizes for both categories are:

    First place  :

    25.000,00 TRY

    Second place  :

    20.000,00 TRY

    Third place  :

    15.000,00 TRY

  • Design Award

    This is the award given to the team that is innovative, has a superior product/vehicle in terms of mechanical design. The price is 15.000,00 TRY.

  • Jury Award

    This is the award given to the team that brings innovation in realms other than performance and design, either as a vehicle or as a team, and that demonstrates such characteristics and behaviors contributing to the spirit of the activity, etc. The amount of the award is 5.000,00 TRY.

  • Communication Award

    This is the award given to the team that demonstrates superior activity in creating and disseminating societal awareness concerning the event. In the award evaluation, any type of press, communication, and promotional activities carried out relating to alternative energies and technologies as concerns the competition and the vehicles, workshop activities, seminars, and congresses/conferences targeting various sections of the public, as well as the widespread impact on the target audience within a national framework as part of these activities, shall be taken into account.


    The amount of the award is 5.000,00 TRY.

  • Domestic Product Award

    These are the awards given to teams with superior domestic designs and products. Awards will be given to a maximum of 10 teams from Turkey only for each category. In the event that there are more than 10 teams that meet the criteria, awards of the following amounts shall be granted to the top 10 Turkish teams according to the scoring done by taking into account the technical design report and technical evaluations made of the vehicle.

    First place  :

    15.000,00 TRY

    Second place  :

    14.000,00 TRY

    Third place  :

    13.000,00 TRY

    Fourth place  :

    12.000,00 TRY

    Fifth place  :

    11.000,00 TRY

    Sixth place  :

    10.000,00 TRY

    Seventh place  :

    9.000,00 TRY

    Eighth place  :

    8.000,00 TRY

    Ninth place  :

    7.000,00 TRY

    Tenth place  :

    6.000,00 TRY

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