Visitor Essentials

  • 1-   Who are the organizers of Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle?

    TUBITAK Science and Society Division

  • 2-  What are the competition categories?

    Battery electric vehicle (Electromobile) and hydrogen fuelled vehicle (Hydromobile)

  • 3-   How can I start a team and apply for The Challenge?

    You can send your application forms to TÜBİTAK via mail and email. Application forms include your team info, vehicle specifications and contract.


    For details, please go to Registration page.

  • 4-   What are the rules for the competition?

    Official rules can be downloaded from here.

  • 5-   Is there any application fee?

    No, we do not ask teams or participants to pay any fee for the challenge. All you have to do is to send an application form by deadline and technical reports in advance.

  • 6-  Is there financial support to compete in the event?

    Yes, we, TÜBİTAK, plan to allocate some funds for international teams to participate in the Challenge. These funds will be transferred to team bank account or delivered by hand upon complete registration in the competition area.


    TÜBİTAK will also support the regional teams financially. This support is given to the regional teams at least three months before the Challenge.


    For details, please go to financial support and awards page.

  • 7-  Under what conditions, financial support is paid back to TÜBİTAK? (For the teams from Turkey)

    Teams that declare their withdrawal from the competition in writing before 20 June 2019 are required to return all of the support given to the relevant account of TÜBİTAK before 20 June 2019. Teams that declare their withdrawal after 20 June 2019, do not complete their competition registry on 16 September 2019, or are disqualified by the jury due to technical incompliance or unfair play shall return all of the support given to the TÜBİTAK account together with the default interest.

  • 8-   What about accommodation and transport?

    TÜBİTAK is not responsible for teams’ accommodation and transport needs. However, teams can use the financial support to find out possible places to accommodate and firms for transportation.


    For details, please visit Visitor Essentials page.

  • 9-   What is ATA Carnet?

    ATA Carnet is an international customs document that simplifies customs procedures for the temporary importation of various types of goods. This carnet helps speed through customs and save money. Therefore, all international teams are encouraged to get this document before travel to Turkey.


    For more information, please click here.

  • 10- Where can I get an ATA carnet?

    The ATA Carnet is in force in 74 countries today. To obtain an ATA Carnet, select your country from the Directory provided in this link.

    For the list of member states, please click here.

  • 11-  For further questions?

    Questions related to registration and rules are to be directed via e-mail ( or posted to the forum.

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