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In order to apply for the competition;


• Every team must include an academic advisor who is the faculty member working full-time at a university, a team captain, a driver and a reserve driver.


• Turkish participants must present a public bank account that belongs to the universities’ Administrative and Financial Affairs (Mali İşler Dairesi) or Strategy Development Departments (Strateji Geliştirme Dairesi).


• A team must submit the approved application documents (Application Form and Contract) by 7 March 2019.



Financial support for international participants shall be delivered by EFT to the special account of the academic advisor or delivered by hand upon complete registration in the competition area on 16 September 2019 and completion of the general examination of the vehicle.


Click for Application Form.

Click for Contract (for Teams from Turkey).

Click for Contract (for International Participants, including Northern Cyprus).


Application Form is to be filled out completely and sent to via e-mail in PDF format with 1024x512 team photo in JPEG format by the time 5:30 PM on Thursday March 7, 2019. This form is also to be signed by the team captain, the academic advisor and sent to address below via postal mail with contract.


Contract Form is to be signed by the team captain, the academic advisor and the senior institution executive; and sent to address below via postal mail.


Mails failed to be delivered to the stated address by the time 5:30 PM on Thursday March 7, will not be accepted.


IMPORTANT: Turkey uses UTC+03:00.




Application documents;

• that are not submitted by the stated deadlines,

• that are incomplete,

• without the valid signatures

will NOT be accepted.


- A team applying for both Electromobile and Hydromobile categories must fill out and send separate forms for each category.


- A team can apply only with one vehicle for each category.


- Financial support may be asked by Jury to be paid back to TÜBİTAK, if a team is not ready for the competition and technical inspections are not completed.


- There may be preliminary elimination of application depending on the organisational infrastructure. If necessary, participating teams will be determined based on the criteria given below, in the following order:


1) Timely and complete delivery of the documents.


2) Compliance of the information given in "3. Vehicle Specifications" with the Rules.


3) The number of teams participating in each category to be as balanced as possible.



Postal Address:

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Ankara / TURKEY



For questions about application and technical rules please use the following link:


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